Citadel experts can pull your data center solution together from start to finish.

Citadel will guide you through developing the right data center requirements to match your exact business needs.

By leveraging Citadel’s many years of experience, you save the time and hassle of knowing and documenting all the needed requirements, gathering and contacting the myriad of data center providers, and then skip the headache of negotiating back and forth to ensure your company gets the best-available pricing for your solution.

The Citadel team has helped hundreds of companies make the transition to colocation using data center providers. You can do it too and to capture the following benefits:

  • Eliminate your perpetual capital expenditures(CAPEX) and reduce your operational expenditures (OPEX) by moving to an outsourced data center model.
  • Focus on supporting your core business by choosing a colocation model, not supporting a company-owned data center. Owning and operating a data center is not a core competency for most businesses.
  • Gain flexibility to scale your IT environment to align with your business needs over the relationship.Colocation and its related services offer this flexibility so you get a total data center solution.
  • Heighten your physical security to meet third-party audits. Many security audits are becoming standard and no longer just apply to healthcare and financial organizations. Colocation facilities often have much better physical security than private-owned facilities.
Develop Data Center Requirements - Citadel Data Centers
Data Center Requirements - Citadel Data Center Solutions

Determining Your Data Center Requirements

It can be expensive to pick a provider, move in and become operational. A wrong choice can be very costly given the operational and business impact of moving out at a later date if things are going badly.

Citadel will work closely with you to accurately determine your data center solution requirements: Key questions to answer include:

What do you want to achieve?

Articulating your day-one requirements, as well as your ramp projections and any special considerations (e.g. space and power required, connectivity needs, high-density environment, using managed services, etc.).

What are your business and IT requirements?

For example, determine if you need to replicate and/or archive your data. Do you need additional colocation data center locations for replication and data archiving?

What does your growth plan look like?

Your colocation provider should help you scale in space and power, so you can move in different directions in the future.

Elements to Consider with Your Data Center Solution

There are many items to analyze and clarify to meet your company’s current business needs, applications, and connectivity needs. Citadel will examine te items below (and numerous others) to identify the optimum data center colocation providers for you:

  • Appropriate power densities to support current and future technologies
  • Flexible master service agreement (MSA) and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Redundant network carriers
  • High-density environments
  • Right geographic locations
  • Required levels of physical security
  • Alignment with disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Compliance attestations and certifications
  • Transitional services
  • Future business growth
Elements to Consider with Your Data Center Solution
Data Center Partners - Citadel Data Center Solutions

Citadel Selects a Data Center Partner, not Just a Facility

The physical components of a data center facility are just the start of what Citadel examines. How the facility is operated, how long-term customers are treated and what kind of flexibility the facility has on space, power and cooling for your business to grow are other critical elements that Citadel seeks to understand.

All of these factors are critical to whether your experience with the data center provider will be a success.

Moving to a data center facility can help you cut your CAPEX while gaining access to the latest data center technologies. It is important to select a data center provider that is your partner and who can help you scale your IT successfully over time.

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