Remove the uncertainty and hassle of gathering data center provider prices.

If you search for data center colocation services, it can be very difficult to compare what you are really being sold. Many leaders readily admit this purchasing activity is not something that IT professionals (or the C-suite) do very often. Perhaps only every 5 to 10 years.

And, the industry is continuing to evolve, moving from a rack pricing model to a variable consumption pricing model. If you talk to 5 different providers, you could get several different calculations on pricing on power alone – price per kilowatt, price based on circuits, metered, and all-in.

Citadel will bring all these prices in alignment and provide you with the best options for your business. For example, Citadel will help you understand, that for circuit-based pricing, you’ll want to know how much power you receive and

if your current and future power density be supported.

For metered kilowatt-based pricing, you’ll need to drill into maximum capacity based on the allowable density within the data center. Whereas, ‘All In’ kilowatt pricing differs because all your charges are included in the price per kilowatt.

In addition to these pricing options, you’ll need to watch for common area fees, management fees, fuel charges, and other hidden charges.

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Citadel Leverages Its Partnerships

Citadel enables you to easily compare options, pricing, and terms across multiple data center providers. And, as a customer, Citadel’s preferred-partner pricing is built into your data center solution–to ensure you get the lowest-possible price in the market.

Citadel’s vast network of strategic partnerships reaches across the globe to include hundreds of data centers facilities. And, Citadel’s deep industry relationships means you get insider access to non-public space, power, and new build options.

Tailor-made solutions can be obtained for high performance computing, custom redundancies, physical security, network, disaster recovery, and many other unique environments. Creative install options can include modular deployments, built-to-suit, sale-leaseback, and next-generation water-cooled, vessel-based facilities.

Citadel Asks the Right Questions for You

The Citadel team will obtain the different data center and colocation services pricing models, so you know exactly what you’re getting. You will learn the unbiased details on pricing models

  • because Citadel knows the right questions to ask to determine the best options for your company. You’ll understand:The complexities of the different types of pricing models
  • The key questions to ask when considering data centers services and how to decode the answers
  • The method of converting all the pricing models into a common denominator comparison
  • The best way to easily compare data centers and their proposed pricing and understand which is best for your business need.
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Avoid the Data Center Pricing Shell Game

The data center provider pricing shell game enables providers to initiate a conversation with you on pricing that you  may compare against the competition. However, providers may be ‘hiding’or ‘adding’ fees ‘below the fold.’

Providers can easily confuse a buyer who doesn’t purchase data center colocation space very often. This could result in improperly comparing price quotes and ultimately purchasing services, entering into a long-term contract, and then finally sharing a surprise “bottom-line price” – once the invoice arrives.

Pricing alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor for prospective data center colocation customers. At Citadel, you’ll get a thorough understanding of pricing, as well as additional services such as global accessibility, connectivity features, remote hands services, and customer ecosystems.

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