AWS Outposts Brings AWS Cloud Hardware On-premises

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Amazon Web Services is launching its own data center hardware called AWS Outposts, which essentially brings AWS cloud hardware on-premises.

AWS Outposts includes configurable compute, storage racks, and is fully managed, in order to enable customers to run compute and storage on-premises and also connect to the rest of AWS’s cloud.

AWS Outposts facilitates a way for customers to run AWS infrastructure on premises to receive a consistent hybrid experience.

There are two different options for AWS Outposts. The first option runs through the VMware Cloud on AWS and the second runs as AWS native.

AWS Outposts – Option 1

The first option for AWS Outposts is for customers who want to use the same VMware control plane and APIs they have been using to run their infrastructure. Customers can run VMware Cloud on AWS locally on AWS Outposts.

Amazon said this delivers the VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) compute, storage, and networking infrastructure on-premises, and is managed as a Service from the same console as VMware Cloud on AWS.

AWS Outposts – Option 2

The second options is for customers who prefer the same APIs and control plane they are used to running in AWS’s cloud – with one exception – they are on-premises. Customers can use the AWS native variant of AWS Outposts.

Option 2 enables customers to work on-premises and in the cloud the exact same way.

VMware and AWS working together

AWS Outposts is another example of AWS and VMware joined forces to innovate. There will also be other ways that VMware’s technologies are being brought to AWS. These technologies will complement AWS Outposts such as VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2.

According to the companies, customers want the opportunity to run other software with native AWS Outposts, starting with a new integrated offering from VMware called VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2, which will feature popular VMware technologies and services that work across VMware, and Amazon EC2 environments, like NSX, VMware AppDefense, and VMware vRealize Automation.

The AWS Outposts has been described as an effort to bring data center infrastructure delivered as a service. It is perceived as bringing all of the benefits that exist in VMware Cloud on AWS, but now to customers in their own data centers.

As of this writing, the company has not shared all the details on the sales and go-to-market model. It is perceived that it will be just like with VMware Cloud on AWS and will enable the partner ecosystem to participate.

AWS Outposts will be a managed service. AWS will deliver the racks with software on it. Through AWS partners delivery, installation, and maintenance of the racks will occur.

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