Enterprise-Class Data Center Space – For CSPs and Clients

Top-quality cloud service providers (CSPs) look to Citadel to help them deliver data center space and data center solutions for their clients. You can trust Citadel to find the best options in enterprise-class, secure, and compliant facilities.

Citadel Experts Solve Your Data Center Requirements

You can rely on Citadel’s experienced data center professionals to assist during:

  • Hybrid private/public cloud set-ups – When you move a client’s operations or compute activity to the cloud, Citadel can help select a data center for handling private Cloud mission-critical operations or data.
  • Footprint consolidations – When your client virtualizes infrastructure, Citadel can help place the remaining IT elements into a newer, state-of-the-art data center.
  • Transitions to upgraded facilities – When your client’s aging data center no longer has the flexibility, options or scale needed, Citadel can help you select the right facility to support future growth, compliance, and latency.

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Deliver Value to Your Client – Citadel Data Center Solutions

Deliver Value to Your Client – Citadel Works with You

When you engage Citadel to work with your team, you tap into expertise, partnerships, and quality support to deliver the best options.

Seasoned data center experts will guide you through an in-depth needs assessment to optimizes your data center requirements.

Citadel then does the hard work of obtaining and delivering the best data center provider options at the lowest available prices by leveraging extensive strategic partnerships.

Lastly, Citadel works on your behalf across all stages of design, selection, install, and growth to ensure you get what you wanted.

White Label, Partner, or Vendor – It’s Your Choice

As a global, vendor neutral data center space aggregator, Citadel can quickly find cost-effective options in the best data center facilities. You simply decide how you would like to work with the Citadel team:

  1. White Label – Citadel can work as an extension of your team
  2. Partner – Citadel can work side-by-side with you and your client
  3. Independent Vendor – Citadel can directly work with your client while you deliver your own cloud solutions.

The Citadel Guarantee

Citadel will leverage its deep industry expertise and extensive partnerships to uncover the best data center options at the lowest available prices.

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