Private Clouds – Secure and Dedicated

Private cloud is a type of cloud computing delivering similar advantages to public cloud (scalability and self-service), but through a proprietary architecture. Unlike public clouds, a private cloud is dedicated to the needs and goals of a single organization.

Custom Solutions for your Business

Hosted private clouds are scalable, isolated computing environments custom-designed and rightsized for any workload or application. Built with trusted enterprise-class technologies — VMware, Cisco, Hyper-V, etc. — and powered by a global network, Citadel’s private cloud solutions are ideal for firms seeking to reduce time spent maintaining infrastructure without sacrificing control, performance and elasticity.

Leveraging dozens of partners, Citadel can provide a private cloud platform for developing and running workloads locally. It can be an integrated environment enabling you to design, develop, deploy and manage on-premises, containerized cloud applications behind your firewall.

Custom Solutions for your Business - Citadel Data Centers
Why the Cloud - Citadel Data Center Solutions

Private Clouds that Grow and Scale

Citadel’s private cloud solutions can help you:

  • Grow and scale as your business expands, enabling more predictable OPEX budgeting
  • Reduce the need for dramatic infrastructure support
  • Optimize your resources—from CPUs to RAM to storage or socket-based solutions
  • Deploy applications in a more secure environment with built-in, high-availability and geographic redundancy
  • Eliminate expenses associated with technology refreshes, vendor management and integration testing

Key Considerations with Private Cloud Solutions

Citadel understands when it comes to cloud, every company’s requirements are unique. Citadel’s and its partners can provide a range of customizable and scalable solutions to fit your private cloud needs. Citadel’s private cloud solutions include private cloud, fully managed private cloud, and managed hybrid cloud.

Private cloud solutions can deliver security and availability for all layers of your infrastructure including server, operating systems (OS), virtualization, network, storage and database.

Private Cloud – A Key Element for Your IT Portfolio

The advantages of a private cloud can be realized as part of a comprehensive hybrid infrastructure portfolio.

Citadel can help you build your private cloud in any number of data centers. By extension, you get access to the world’s leading communications networks and technology providers who are colocated with you

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