Public Clouds – Reduced Infrastructure

The public cloud are computing services offered by third-party providers (Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.) over the public Internet, making them available to anyone who wants to use or purchase them. They may be free or sold on-demand, enabling customers to pay only per usage for the CPU cycles, storage or bandwidth consumed.

Public Cloud Solutions Lower Upfront Costs

Unlike private clouds, public clouds can reduce the burden of having to purchase, manage and maintain on-premises hardware and application infrastructure. The cloud service provider manages and maintains the system.

Public clouds can also be deployed faster than on-premises infrastructures and with an almost infinitely scalable platform. While security concerns have been raised over public cloud environments, when implemented correctly, the public cloud can be as secure if the provider uses proper security methods.

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Simple Deployment and Pay as You Go

A public cloud is perhaps the simplest of all cloud deployments. If you need more resources, platforms, or services, you simply pay a public cloud provider by the hour or byte to access what’s needed when it’s needed.

Infrastructure, raw processing power, storage, or cloud-based applications are virtualized from hardware owned by the cloud provider, pooled into data lakes, orchestrated by management and automation software, and transmitted across the internet—or through a dedicated network connection—to your company.

Key Considerations with Public Cloud Solutions

Enterprises have to consider compliance and governance. Without knowing what users, groups, data, applications, and packages reside on which infrastructure, the enterprise can’t identify and minimize risks. This leads to a number of questions:

  • How will legacy workloads interface with a public cloud?
  • What’s the disaster recovery plan for workloads and data hosted on a public cloud?
  • What’s the integration strategy?
  • What are the long-term costs associated with a public cloud?
  • How will a public cloud impact compliance?

Public Cloud – Part of a Comprehensive Hybrid Portfolio

The advantages of a public cloud are largely realized as part of a comprehensive hybrid infrastructure portfolio.

Citadel can provide your business with private access to public clouds. If you’d like to establish low-cost, high-performance data links directly between your IT environment and your cloud provider’s, there’s no better place than Citadel’s partner facilities – including access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

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