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Many companies are moving to colocation solution providers to house their critical IT infrastructure. Colocation solutions support your company’s IT growth and limit costs by eliminating the need to spend large amounts of capex and opex often required to expand company-owned data centers.

Security and Redundancy

Colocation solutions providers like Citadel help businesses place their IT infrastructure in specially designed and highly secure data centers without space, technology, or connectivity constraints.

If you make the wrong choice, the costs of moving out later can be dramatically higher than the costs of moving in.

Cyber Security
Benefits of the Right Colocation Solution - Citadel Data Centers

Benefits of the Right Colocation Solution

Citadel can deliver a custom colocation solution that offers the following benefits:

  • Increasing your operational expenditure for a colocation facility is easier than obtaining on-going capital needed to build, own and operate your own data center.
  • Owning and operating a data center is not a core competency for most businesses. Using colocation solutions enables you to focus on your business growth and clients rather than supporting the data center.
  • Colocation solutions offer flexibility, so you can easily scale your IT environment to meet business objectives.  Colocation services are not just space, power and cooling but now include an array of services for a complete data center solution.
  • Colocation can help you meet security guidelines for third-party audits. Security audits no longer apply to only healthcare and financial firms. To pass these audits, you likely need much better physical security, training, and processes than private-owned facilities can deliver.

Before You Search for a Colocation Solutions Provider

Citadel can help you select the best data center and services, assist with your move in, and ensure you become operational as quickly as possible.

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