Prevent Unauthorized Access with Colocation security

Colocation security is a key aspect when choosing a data center solutions provider. In addition to colocation bringing benefits like cost savings and better access to the latest technology and tools, there are many colocation security considerations to keep in mind.

Regulation Compliance

One aspect of colocation security involves verifying vendors adhere to compliance standards for your industry. For example, healthcare institutions must follow HIPAA rules and many firms observe PCI DSS regulations. A colocation provider should understand the data protection guidelines associated with these statutes and actively keep up with regulation changes.

Most firms are not able to achieve the same level of security as an experienced colocation security provider. The need to constantly evaluate facilities for vulnerabilities and update technology to meet regulatory standards can quickly overwhelm individual businesses.

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Cyber Capabilities

Attacks on organizations are becoming far more sophisticated. Security tools and threat methods are in a constant power struggle.

Citadel can offer the latest monitoring tools to constantly watch network activity and quickly recognize unusual behavior. These systems notify essential parties of the issue to drive faster response times and minimize potential damage. This type of insight can be used for auditing purposes and to improve cybersecurity strategies.

Physical Security

On-site physical colocation security is just as important as cyber protection. From fencing to security guards, to badge readers, Citadel ensures many layers of physical security exists to prevent unauthorized access to the data center, data hall, and suite.

Security protocols can include the following:

  • On-site data center security guards 24×7 x 365
  • Video surveillance and recording of exterior and interior facilities
  • Biometric and key-card security for strict access control, up to the cage level
  • Turn-style and other secure passages to prevent tailgating
  • Perimeter security that includes fences, gates and restricted access to the property
  • Dedicated data halls, suites, and cages to minimize traffic.
Physical Security - Citadel Data Center Solutions

With Citadel colocation solutions and colocation security, you’ll know your critical information systems are secure and protected.

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