Custom and Private Colocation Cages

Colocation cages are a fully customizable solution enabling you to receive a secure area of a data center with optimized space, power, security and deployment configurations.

These locked, enclosed colocation cages offer a private area to which only you and your authorized personnel can access. In addition to greater privacy, colocation cages allow for enhanced flexibility in configuring your equipment.

Hi-Tech Computer Network

Colocation Cages for Your Enterprise Needs

Putting your IT infrastructure into enterprise-level colocation cages can provide:

  • Enhanced security
  • Controlled airflow
  • Flexible configuration
  • Designs to fit any size
  • A variety of options in cage design.

Citadel will work with you throughout the solution design process to ensure you receive an efficient layout and on-time delivery of your space which will include cabling and power.

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