Offering Redundant Infrastructure For Colocation Space and Power

Citadel can provide a variety of colocation space, power and connectivity solutions in top-tier facilities together with the operational expertise required to expertly maintain your infrastructure. Well-qualified staff ensures you get exceptional support when and where you need it.

Also, comparing data center colocation space and power pricing quotes from multiple data center vendors can be a daunting task. Many companies use different pricing methodologies and billing models.

Citadel Expertise to Get You the Best Colocation Solution

Citadel can simplify this process and ensure you get the best price for the services that suite the needs of your business by normalizing the unit price across the different models.

Citadel’s custom sourcing process can help you understand how much you need, how much you are buying, and at what price.  This analysis will to ensure you provision your IT resources appropriately to get the best outcome for your budget.

Colocation Space and Power - Citadel Data Centers

Citadel Delivers Flexibility, Control and Peace of Mind

In this digital economy, obtaining the appropriate colocation space and power can enable you to conduct your business seamlessly and ensure you have the technology requirements needed for future growth. Citadel’s solutions deliver flexible, scalable, secure and cost-efficient data center colocation space and power combined with exceptional service.

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