Data Center Installation Costs – Often Overlooked

When choosing a data center solution, you’ll need to calculate the Total “colocation” Costs of Occupancy (TCO). The TCO must include both the monthly recurring costs (MRC) and the non-recurring costs (NRC) of your data center solution.

Your budget will determine how much redundancy you can afford to build into the solution. Typically, the more redundant the environment is, the more expensive it will be on a monthly basis. However, many companies are surprised to find their upfront data center NRC costs are much higher than they anticipated – often in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Data Center NRC and MRC Charges

The NRC cost and future MRC costs should fit within your allocated data center budget. There are typically two types of data center expenses:

  • Non-Recurring Costs – a one-time capital resource cost that includes cage materials, door security equipment, migration charges, carrier connection costs, equipment purchases, parts upgrades and refreshing equipment, labor for installation, setup fees, and other one-time charges.
  • Monthly Recurring Costs – recurring expenses that include the cost of space (per rack or per square foot cage costs), power costs, the cost of bandwidth, cross connect fees to ISPs or Carriers or NSPs, managed services, additional costs for remote hands services, future space reservations, taxes, and insurance.
Data Center NRC - Citadel Data Center Solutions

Citadel Can Reduce Your NRC Expenses

With long-term partnerships with many top vendors, the experts at Citadel can significantly reduce your NRC costs by leveraging the relationships.  Citadel purchases rpodcut and services “at-scale” which results in lower costs for cages, racks, connections, labor and other elements.

Historically, Citadel customer have seen reductions of up to a 40% or more in NRC costs vs. the quoted data center provider NRC costs.

Contact Citadel today and let their experts quote the exact items you need. Share your bill of materials and pricing with Citadel, and the team will deliver to you reduced costs for your items (and install labor, if needed) – and then you can enjoy a substantial savings.

Eliminate NRC Sticker Shock – Call Citadel

Citadel can provide you a range of lower-cost options on data center NRC items, including:

  • Cages (hardware and labor)
  • Badge Readers (single and dual authentication)
  • Racks (including varying sizes and locking mechanisms)
  • High Performance Rack (handling higher density footprints)
  • Grounding Services
  • BCMS (install labor and hardware)
  • Power Whips (hardware and install)
  • RPP (hardware and install)
  • Migration Services
  • Project Management
  • Storage Space Buildout
  • and More.

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