Data Center Request for Proposal Template

Whether driven by finances, expansions, consolidation, disaster recovery planning or simply wanting to focus resources on core competencies, many firms are now deciding to move a portion or all their data center operations to a third-party data center provider.

Citadel’s Data Center RFP template incorporates the collective experience of numerous industry experts who have spent years helping prospects scope and deliver data center and colocation solutions.

This RFP template includes industry best practices when searching for a data center provider. As the best choice to help you find data center solutions, Citadel offers this template as a complimentary resource to firms seeking to best present their requirements to data center providers.

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How to Use a Data Center RFP Template

Using a Data Center RFP template to select the right provider is a critical step toward successfully outsourcing some of your IT infrastructure needs.

The RFP template includes information on the following:

  1. Desired Requirements – Learn how to outline your expected requirements to ensure the data center provider matches your business needs
  2. Data Center Provider Overview – Inquire about critical provider information to ensure you get experience and stability
  3. Facility – Determine how to gather all the required technical and design specs
  4. Electrical and Cooling Specifications – Understand which key specs to gather to properly plan for power densities, redundancies, and more
  5. Network Services – Learn how to avoid being locked into expensive connectivity agreements with little flexibility
  6. Data Center Personnel – Ask the key questions on environmental and security procedures
  7. Availability Review – Determine if the data center can scale as your business grows
  8. Professional Services – Uncover key partnerships and services you may need in the future
  9. Pricing and Terms – Understand critical lease differences and the hidden costs they contain

What is a Data Center RFP?

A Data Center RFP, or Request for Proposal, is an exacting document used to vet potential data center providers on your firm’s specific requirements.

This Data Center RFP template will enable you to best match your IT requirements to your business needs.  Simply edit or delete sections from the template to reflect your firm’s pre-determined criteria and customize it to specific business needs.

About the Author

The Data Center RFP template is a collection of best practices aggregated across many industry experts and personnel.  It includes information from numerous sources including several of the largest enterprise data center providers, leading data center and colocation trade journals, input from research analysts, active data center managers, and enterprise IT leaders.

The RFP template was consolidated by Scott Brueggeman, Chief Operating Officer of Citadel Data Centers.  Brueggeman has over 20 years’ experience in technology and data centers. Most recently he was CMO and Inside Sales leader at CyrusOne where the firm grew revenues more than 3-fold over his tenure.  Prior to this he led marketing at CoreLink Data Centers, which was acquired by Zayo. Previously, he held management positions at AT&T, CareerBuilder, and PepsiCo.

About Citadel

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