White-Glove Migration and Relocation

Expert Planning and Preparation Ensures a Successful Move

If you’re moving your IT equipment to a new location, a successful data center relocation or consolidation requires careful planning and execution.  If you don’t have the professional help you need, call Citadel. The Citadel team has successfully relocated dozens of data center environments for some of the biggest enterprises across multiple industries.

Relocating a data center is a significant undertaking. Unlike a corporate move, data centers must focus on ensuring critical data and applications are accessible before, during, and after the transition occurs.

Given the magnitude of risks your company faces during a data center relocation, it’s important to enlist experienced, knowledgeable, and professional help. The right team can ensure you avoid downtime for your clients and a potential disaster for your business.

Meticulous white-glove planning, preparation and execution are critical for a successful relocation.

White-Glove Migration and Relocation - Citadel Data Centers
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Data Center Migration

A data center migration can take longer and is more meticulous than a push/pull move. There are no easy steps or short cuts. A duplicate data center is created to maintain uptime during a migration. The computer environment of the production data center is duplicated and is tested at least three times for network connectivity and applications before the move can take place.

Once the move is finished, the equipment in the original production data center must be handled. Disks should be wiped, and storage arrays cleared of applications to maintain security. Next, some of the equipment (processors, storage arrays, networking equipment and structured cabling) can be sold or refurbished.

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