Top-Tier Space for Enterprise, Cloud, and High-Growth Firms

Citadel is passionate about delivering flexible, scalable, and highly available data center space across the globe to meet your business’ dynamic needs. Citadel’s premier data center space is available across many top markets to enable your company to meet key growth objectives.

Global Solutions

Citadel data center solutions can:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Deliver robust connectivity
  • Provide top-grade security
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • All while addressing both your current and future mission-critical IT demands.

Data center space found in Citadel’s world-class facilities provide you with complete confidence your systems and applications will be available.

Global solutions - Citadel data center solutions
Citadel Enterprise Data Center Space

Enterprise Data Center Space for All Size Requirements

Every business has its own varying requirements for IT infrastructure. Whether you need a few racks deployed with a fast growth ramp or 20,000 square feet in a private suite, Citadel can provide you a custom-tailored solution to accommodate your unique requirements.

Citadel experts provided the optimized data center space, power, connectivity, and redundancy your business needs, and do it all within your timing and budget.

  • Cabinets – Deploy secure cabinets in our multi-tenant environment – High-density & custom power configurations are available
  • Cages – For larger deployments, high-density, custom power, and additional layered security options are available
  • Custom Suites – Build out your custom-spec environment with tailored power, cooling and security options

Build-to-Suit Data Center Space

Citadel also offers you the ability to customize the location, size, design, and resiliency level for your individual data center space needs.

A build-to-suit lease is a structure enabling you to design and customize a data center facility to meet specific or unique location or design needs without the large initial capital expenditure that typically comes with building and owning a data center.

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