Capture the Financial Rewards of a Data Center Sale Leaseback

Sale leaseback of your company-owned data center is an efficient way to mitigate IT risk while freeing up resources to focus on your core business.

Turn the capital expenses of a data center asset into an operating expense to deliver millions of dollars for further investment (rather than losing it to depreciation).

Implement Your Strategy Today

When considering a sale-leaseback of an enterprise data center, it’s helpful to seek the advice of a data center solutions expert specializing in technology solutions and mission-critical space. Together with Citadel, you can create a data center and real estate strategy to serve you well into the future.

Benefits of a Data Center Sale Leaseback

When you execute sale-leaseback of your data center you get financial rewards and gain these benefits for your company:

  • Enhance your focus on driving revenue: By executing a data center sale-leaseback you free up valuable resources (people, budgets, and capital) that can be applied to supporting your revenue-driving business goals.
  • Shift to operating expense: Asset depreciation is a constant concern for many companies. Sale-leasebacks turn hard real estate assets into a one-time source of capital and a reliable on-going cost structure. And your budgeting becomes predictable with yearly lease commitment rather than the episodic large capital expenditures.
  • Better service for the facility: By executing sale-leasebacks, you are entrusting your data center to an experienced enterprise-class data center operator focused on the success of the facility. This can provide better overall facility management and streamlined services offered to you as a tenant.
Citadel - Benefits of a Data Center Sale Leaseback

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