Disaster Recovery – Be Prepared to Keep Your Business Running

The high cost of downtime is well documented. Smart leaders plan ahead for potential worst-case scenarios since they know critical applications must have 100% uptime.  However, many companies struggle to build, test and execute coherent disaster recovery plans.

Creating a disaster recovery plan is essential to keep businesses running since they rely on IT infrastructure (networks, servers, systems, databases, devices, connectivity, power, etc.) to collect, process and store mission-critical data.

A Disaster Recovery Plan Can Save Your Business

A disaster recovery plan is designed to restore IT operations at an alternate site after a system disruption. After successfully transferring systems to the disaster recovery data center, the goal is to quickly restore, recover, and test affected systems to get them back in operation.

Your IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of your company. When websites are down, or patient data is unavailable due to natural disasters, hardware failure or human error, businesses can lose revenue, customers, and reputations.

Assessing the need and implementing the appropriate engineering methods are key milestones in achieving an optimal disaster recovery plan.

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Citadel DR Solutions - Ensure the Uptime You Need in a Crisis

Citadel’s network of data centers is equipped with the space, infrastructure and people you need to deliver the availability, performance and resiliency required to address these challenges and support ensure your business never stops.

Disaster Recovery solutions can:

  • Serve as both primary and backup facilities for your private cloud, transaction systems, data repositories, etc.
  • Deliver diverse connectivity options to safeguard access to your computing engine even if one network’s service fails
  • Provide backup office space and work areas for team members to meet and continue working
  • Link systems and data in facilities across geographies using interconnection options

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