Citadel Data Center Locations

Citadel has access to dozens of data center locations including markets around the US and overseas. Citadel’s network-rich, cloud-enabled data center locations offer top-tier facilities that include all the space, power, redundancy, connectivity, and security needed by the most demanding companies.

Citadel’s network of strategically located data center locations not only provide mid-market and enterprise customers with reliable infrastructure and cloud technology, but also delivers added flexibility, resiliency, and protection for production and disaster recovery workloads.

Citadel’s data center locations can place your IT infrastructure in the heart of the world’s pre-eminent business markets—be they financial centers, manufacturing hubs, tech industry hotspots, or gateways to emerging economies.


Data Center Locations –Where You Need Them

Using its vast preferred partner network, Citadel delivers data center solutions in key markets across the globe.

The experienced Citadel team can help you quickly identify top-tier data centers in targeted markets that best meet your infrastructure and business needs. The Citadel team has toured or evaluated hundreds of different data centers and can draw upon a vast network of knowledge to provide you with the best facility and solution for redundancy, services, and uptime at the best rates.

From Ashburn to Hillsboro, Dallas to Chicago, Singapore to Rio de Janeiro, London to Brisbane – Citadel has the right facility for you.

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