Water-Cooled, Vessel-Based Data Center

Citadel presents this vessel-based data center option as a new benchmark for efficiency, environmental sustainability and scalability. It meets industry standards of performance, reliability and security, while being 80% more energy efficient than conventional air-cooling.
As a purpose-built vessel, it can be moored in secure port near cities, conflicted areas, or near your company’s local operations.
The vessel-based data center is directly cooled by the surrounding water. Its design is specifically developed to reduce the cost of computing, cut power usage, and lower greenhouse gas emission.
The data center employs innovative, water-based cooling technology which incorporates a leak-proof system that recirculates the water. Importantly, the cooling technology uses no harmful chemicals or refrigerants and does not need cooling towers.

Barge Data Center / Vessel-Based Data Center – Operational Highlights

The vessel-based data center is designed for high density footprints, as well as lower density environments.  Operational details include:

  • All necessary infrastructure is located on vessel, reducing need for shoreside support
  • Generators can be either onboard or on the shore, depending on the requirements
  • Low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) can be 1.3 and lower for efficient operations
  • High Performance Compute (HPC) capable of up to 105 kW/Rack to handle higher densities
  • Very competitive cost per build per megawatt compared to local options for lower capital costs
  • Highly innovative water-cooled technology to comply with local environmental laws
Vessel-Based Data Center - Citadel Data Center Solutions
Barge-based Data Center - Citadel Data Centers

Design Elements of the Barge-based Data Center

The vessel can scale up or down, based on the need and multiple vessels can be used in one location when needing additional data center space.

Below are the standard design elements of the vessel-based data center:

  • Up to 4 data center halls (vaults) per vessel and 125 racks per vault
  • Data center space per vault is 30,000 sq. ft.
  • Up to 6 MW’s (Megawatts)
  • Water-cooled rear door hear exchanger enable 105 kW/rack
  • Mechanical system is 2N redundancy and Electrical system is N+1 redundancy
  • At least 5 layers of physical security including mantraps, bio-metrics, card readers, 1-inch thick steel lined walls, and 24×7 security guards

Building of the Vessel-based Data Center

The data center build operation uses a “quick build” process that facilitates a rapid build of the barge and data center. Pre-manufactured, modular steel walls built and then craned in place on the structure before they are welded in place.

The components can be built in the host country and shipped to the drydock for assembly, or the entire vessel-based data center can be built out of country and towed to the required location.

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