Does your business have a fail-over strategy?

It’s time for a disaster recovery plan

It is estimated that about half of businesses that suffer a major IT disaster without a disaster recovery plan in place do not reopen for business, according to an American Marketing Association report. And those that do reopen pay a heavy price as the Ponemon Institute estimates the cost of downtime to be $7,900 per minute and rising.

Disaster recovery plans using multiple, interconnected data centers can ensure your company has the operational redundancy to provide uninterrupted uptime in the event of man-made or natural disaster. More and more companies are choosing to offload IT production activities and data back-up initiatives to high-quality data center providers.

Citadel can help you use multiple networks and implement a multi-site site failover strategy across geographic regions for highly-connected redundancy. This redundancy will deliver peace of mind that if an unforeseen event occurs, your IT infrastructure will not suffer any downtime.

Let Citadel find you top-quality data center solutions at the lowest-available market pricing.

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