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Citadel works with you throughout the solution design process to ensure you receive an efficient HPC layout and on-time delivery of your space which includes cabling, power, and connectivity.  Contact Citadel today!

High-Performance Computing Breakthrough Performance

High-performance computing (HPC) is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds.

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and 3-D imaging are causing the size and amount of data that firms use to grow exponentially.

Modern firms need lightning-fast, highly reliable IT infrastructure to process, store, and analyze these massive amounts of data.

High-Performance Computing Breakthrough Performance
Modern Data center Solutions - Citadel Data Centers

Today’s Servers Require Modern Colo Solutions

Is your IT footprint limited by rack power density constraints? Are you paying for unused floor space? Is your footprint spread out across different locations within a data center, necessitating expensive cross connects?

If you’re bumping against any of the above constraints, then Citadel can help you properly scale your IT footprint to leverage an efficient multi-node, high-performance computing infrastructure.

Lower Your TCO With Higher Power Densities

As power densities increase, your IT footprint efficiencies rise as well.  This is critical to lower your total cost of operation (TCO). As the amount of space and infrastructure required shrinks, your savings increases.

HPC architectures require power scalability and reliability. Modern cabinets, high capacity electrical circuits, and efficient cooling reduce operating failure risk and improve application performance.

With 40 kW per rack availability, you can draw more power in your existing footprint as you grow. Obtaining new racks or additional space is no longer required.

Lower Your TCO With Higher Power Densities
High Performance Computing Solutions

Who Needs HPC?

HPC solutions are used across multiple industries. Examples include:

  • Financial Services – HPC is used to track real-time stock trends and automate trading.
  • Media and Entertainment – HPC is used to edit films, render special effects, and stream live events.
  • Energy – HPC is used to identify where to drill wells and to boost production from existing wells.
  • AI and Machine Learning – HPC is used to detect credit card fraud, provide technical support, teach self-driving vehicles, and improve medical screening techniques.
  • Research Labs – HPC is used to help find sources of renewable energy, understand the evolution of our universe, predict and track storms, and create new materials.
  • Other Uses – HPC is used to design new products, simulate test scenarios, and make sure that parts are kept in stock so that production lines aren’t held up.

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