Citadel Data Center Solutions for Growing Ecommerce Firms

Data Center Solutions for Growing Ecommerce Firms

According to eMarketer, total retail sales across the globe will reach $22.049 trillion this year and estimates sales will top $27 trillion in 2020. Retail ecommerce sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending.

To be competitive in this exploding marketplace, you must deliver on user expectations with near-instantaneous response times, continuous site availability, and the highest levels of security.

Availability, Security, and Uptime

A single minute of downtime can reduce your revenue by tens of thousands of dollars. To meet your business forecasts, finding a trusted IT provider for your website and POS systems is critically important. Citadel delivers reliable and compliant data center solutions to optimize your IT infrastructure and the applications they support.

Your business deserves a secure site, always-on applications, and continuous uptime to protect your business, in order to turn your visitors into loyal customers.

Meet Your Objectives

With the right data center, you can meet your dynamic performance objectives – quick load times, responsive chat support, and localized messaging to obtain a ‘purchase now’ click rather than a ‘close page’ click.

Digital Reliability and Connectivity – Keys to Success

Citadel data centers deliver the reliability and connectivity you need to increase conversion and retention rates. Improvements in your e-commerce application and transaction performance can be realized by placing your ecommerce infrastructure in data centers that are located closer to your customers.

The optimal data center solution for ecommerce customers will help reduce latency, increase bandwidth and enable you to connect to industry-leading networking and cloud services providers.

Digital Reliability and Connectivity – Keys to Success

Developed by industry experts, download this Data Center RFP for colocation to define your requirements and receive the best solution for your business.

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