Energy Data Center Solutions – Powering the World

Citadel data centers are uniquely positioned to support the stringent requirements of energy companies (oil, gas, solar, wind, nuclear, coal). Data center solutions help energy companies with IT production, disaster recovery, seismic data processing, and oil and gas data management, operational applications, storage and security, and more.

Citadel’s top-tier data centers leverages specific energy industry expertise to support applications and multi-terabyte data volumes behind the energy industries critical activities.

Collage of Power and energy concepts

Custom Data Center Solutions for Energy Firms 

Citadel can ensure your IT infrastructure can support energy company activities such as high-performance computing, seismic data processing, well-path planning, and unconventional systems engineering to name a few.

Many energy companies seek a reliable data center partner for high performance computing, data processing, data transfer, data storage, and data back-up.  As a Citadel customer, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the right data center solution for your needs today and for future growth.