Media and Entertainment Data Center Solutions

Media and entertainment companies are facing change at an unprecedented pace. These digital companies are streamlining production workflows, reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and expanding distribution to reach billions of devices around the world.

According to PWC, smartphone connections will double to account for over half of all mobile phone connections in 2019. As smartphones become cheaper, the number of smartphone connections will increase to 3.85bn, equal to 56.0% of all mobile phone connections, and they will bring considerable challenges for firms creating and distributing entertainment content.

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Delivering Customer High-Quality Experiences

Companies involved in the media and entertainment digital ecosystem must ensure websites and applications perform for a demanding audience.  Internet users require a high-quality online experience on a variety of devices including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Content providers, digital retailers and all digital media companies need to ensure consistent uptime and fast speeds, or else revenue opportunities could be missed. On top of that, digital companies need to be prepared to handle the peaks of usage without wasting resources, even in the face of often unpredictable traffic patterns and computing demands.

And many companies need to build digital archives for digital assets and understand how to best leverage these archives to support ongoing production

These requirements need secure, scalable, long term data center solutions.