Financial Services Data Center Solutions – Protect and Connect

Financial service firms face increasingly more complexity, more regulation and heightened consumer expectations.  Altogether, it is straining IT systems which must continue to adapt in a cost-effective manner.

In addition, financial service companies are tasked with managing a wide array of mission-critical applications, from latency-sensitive trading to basic storage and compute. Every day, these firms grapple with over 2 petabytes of data and are finding themselves constrained in many ways by their in-house data centers.

computer network server room

Flexibility in Design, Scale, and Connectivity

Citadel data center solutions address many performance and storage requirements while providing the flexibility to scale from single cabinets up to build-to-suit data centers.

Citadel offers data center solutions in major metro areas with interconnection options to hundreds of network, cloud and IT providers, and all the major financial exchanges.

Citadel’s flexible options for scalability and connectivity provide the physical security and infrastructure to ensure mission critical systems are always protected and meet industry-mandated compliance requirements.

As regulatory compliance become increasingly stringent, you can be confident that Citadel will deliver the safeguards and procedures in place to protect your IT infrastructure.