Gaming Data Center Solutions – Staying Ahead of Growth

Gaming Data Center Solutions – Staying Ahead of Growth

Global video game industry revenue is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 5 percent from $71.3 billion in 2015 to $90.1 billion in 2020, according to a recent report by PwC.

Citadel can help gaming firms stay ahead in this growing market with data center solutions for new and existing gaming platforms. Citadel solutions enable you to maintain a steady pipeline of gaming options for exploding number of global users.

Demanding requirements

Video game companies often struggle with demanding requirements – managing an ever-increasing number of new users on multiple platforms – while striving to maintain an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.

The dual objectives of leveraging development and production environments to simultaneously creating new content while maintaining existing platforms will require a data center partner that is capable of delivering a high level of security, scalability, connectivity and redundancy.

Citadel has the capabilities, the expertise and the flexibility to help gaming companies deliver their products to end-users in an environment that meets the most stringent requirementsfrom Fortune 100 companies to small, high-growth companies.

Robust Speed and Flexibility

Your business requires speed. Maintaining robust connectivity to handle the speed at which data is transmitted is crucial for gaming companies. Citadel partner data centers are strategically located to optimize interconnectivity performance.

Flexibility and innovation are an integral part of Citadels DNA. Citadel can help you refine your requirements, compare data center provider solutions, and then help from install to renewal to ensure the selected data center meets the evolving technological needs of your business.

Gaming Data Center Solutions – Platforms to Drive Revenue

It’s essential for gaming firms to work in concert with content delivery networks, social networks, game console companies, cloud service providers and smart phone device platforms to reach their expanding customer base.

Citadel assists gaming firms with data center solutions to support various monetization models, such as subscription and free-to-play, so you can grow your customer base and revenues. And, Citadel can provide the data and transaction security that is required of top-tier, global gaming companies.

Gaming Data Center Solutions – Platforms to Drive Revenue

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