Retail Data Center Solutions

According to eMarketer, in five years global retail eCommerce sales will be worth a whopping $4 trillion.

Retailers are using more online point-of-sale data, more purchasing data, more traffic data, and more shopping behavioral information than ever before to identify patterns and business opportunities.

On the dark side, credit card fraud worldwide is expected to total $183.29 billion by 2020. The effects of fraud hurt everyone – consumers, merchants, and financial institutions.

Online shopping

Ever-evolving Technology to Support Changing Retail Needs

Due to online growth, fraud, and regulations, technology investments are needed to support new applications, security, data, and analytics to deliver a safe, effective, and efficient user experience in store and online.

Successful retailers are moving their IT infrastructure to secure data centers to take advantage of interconnected solutions that are able scale with their business needs.

Citadel Data Center Solutions Meet Compliance and Security Demands

And, retailers are evolving their infrastructure and applications to remain compliant with the latest government and industry regulations – or they could be financially responsible for credit card fraud occurring on line or in store.

Citadel data center solutions can ensure your firm meet the compliance and security requirements with an enterprise level data center solution.