Citadel Data Centers Selected by Global SaaS Technology Company

Citadel lands global SaaS company based on Citadel’s speed, efficiency, and customer service

Austin, TX, July 7, 2014/ — Citadel Data Centers, a global data center solutions company, today announced that it has added another large SaaS-based customer to its growing list of firms seeking their expertise to help them find the right data center solution.  With a vast network of data center strategic partnerships, Citadel works across providers to give customers the best options, best services, and best prices.

The data center solution will be hosted in a top-tier data center facility with redundant systems, high-level security, and round-the-clock monitoring.

“This customer was searching for the best options to place their IT infrastructure but had limited experience and lacked the resources to fully devote to this endeavor. The Citadel team came alongside their leadership and quickly worked out a plan to scope, deliver, install, and operate their new data center solution.  Citadel’s access to global data center providers continues to enable us to assist enterprises in finding the best solutions, locations, and prices for their data center needs,” says Citadel’s Shawn Panchacharan.

The SaaS company selected Citadel based on the company’s experience in developing data center options, unique ability to work across data center providers, speed to market, and their commitment to delivering the lowest-available prices.


About Citadel Data Centers

Citadel’s industry experts leverage their deep experience and extensive global partnerships to uncover the best data center options, locations, and prices for its customers. Citadel helps companies develop and implement data center solutions from start to finish. From developing requirements, to sourcing providers, and then providing an apples-to-apples comparison of options with the lowest-possible prices – so customers can easily analyze and select the best data center provider option for their needs.

Citadel is where enterprises come together to seize new opportunities and accelerate their business, IT and data center strategies.

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