Omegabyte Networks, Inc to spin out new company named Citadel Data Centers

New Company to Focus on Delivering Customer Data Center Solutions Across Providers

Austin, TX, July. 25, 2012/– Citadel announced today that the board of directors of Omegabyte agreed to create a new entity called Citadel DC Holdings, LLC d/b/a Citadel Data Centers. The new company supports the company’s strategy and development as a broad data center solutions company.

“The world is changing, and so is Omegabyte. There is a big transition in our modern-day data center industry and we aim to be at the forefront of this development. Our strategy remains firm. The new company reflects ongoing changes and supports the customer-first, high value and low pricing strategy we have historically delivered to customers.  Citadel will work across our extensive partnership network to find the best data center provider, location, and pricing for customers,” says CEO Shawn Panchacharam.

“For us, this is a historic day. Omegabyte has for almost 20 years served customers in the IT and computer industries.  Looking towards the next 50 years, reflecting on the global data center growth and hybrid solutions transition, it has become natural to launcha new company to participate in this sector’s growth,” states Panchacharam.

“Now that it is formally approved, we will start the roll out of the new company, name and brand. Citadel Data Centers is a name that is forward-looking, and creates a strong platform for engagement and dialogue with a broad set of stakeholders. We believe it will create internal alignment and pride, and help attract capital, partners and talents,” says Panchacharam.


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