Global Data Center Solutions Company Citadel Data Centers Releases New Data Center Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

New Colocation RFP Template Is Useful Tool for Enterprises When Selecting Data Center Providers

Austin, TX, Nov. 13, 2018/  – Citadel Data Centers, a global data center solutions company announced today the availability of a downloadable request for proposal (RFP) template that can help enterprises easily compare, evaluate, and decide on the best data center colocation provider to meet their specific business requirement. The Data Center RFP template is available upon request from Citadel’s website.

“As many Fortune 1000 executives are looking to support their business operations with hybrid cloud solutions, they are discovering that it’s more cost-effective to partner with a third party that provides colocation services rather than continue building, owning, and operating their own data centers,” said Scott Brueggeman, chief operating officer of Citadel Data Centers. “However, selecting the right colocation partner requires close examination of data center requirements and then intensive vetting of different providers.”

Citadel’s Data Center RFP template draws on the collective experience of data center industry experts who have spent years assisting enterprises with the development of data center solutions, finalizing contracts, and implementing flexible and scalable IT environments.

“Our goal with the RFP template is to help even the most well-informed buyers streamline their selection process and ultimately choose the data center provider that best meets their business needs,” Brueggeman continued.

Prospective customers can use Citadel’s RFP template found here , which is customizable, to organize information around their specific requirements. Some of the key sections included in the Data Center RFP template are provider overview, building and property information, network services, risk overview, and availability review.

As a vendor-neutral data center space aggregator, Citadel experts are available to work with enterprises when selecting data center providers. Citadel superior selection and negotiation process leverages preferred data center partnerships to: 1) narrow data center options to save customers time and effort; 2) provide the lowest-available pricing in the market; and 3) deliver on-going support to provide rock-solid confidence that customers receive a secure and reliable data center environment.

Both Fortune 1000 companies, as well as smaller high-growth firms, select Citadel due to Citadel’s agile team, unique ability to work across data center providers, and Citadel’s leadership team which averages over 20 years of experience in the data center, communications, and technology sectors.

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Citadel’s industry experts leverage their deep experience and extensive global partnerships to uncover the best data center options, locations, and prices for its customers. Citadel helps companies develop and implement data center solutions from start to finish. From developing requirements, to sourcing providers, and then providing an apples-to-apples comparison of options with the lowest-possible prices – so customers can easily analyze and select the best data center provider option for their needs.

Citadel is where enterprises come together to seize new opportunities and accelerate their business, IT and data center strategies.

For more information about Citadel, call 1-512-548-9000 or visit Connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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