National, High-Growth, Online Security Firm Selects Citadel Data Centers to Deliver Connectivity Solution

Customer sought assistance in obtaining networking solutions and relied on Citadel’s speed-to-market and extensive partnerships to deliver on its requirements.

Austin, TX, January 15, 2019/ — Citadel Data Centers, a global data center solutions company, today announced another large enterprise customer selected it to assist them to locate the right networking solution. Leveraging Citadel’s experienced team and extensive industry partnerships, the solution selected provides a top-tier Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses for use on packet-switched Link Layer networks.

“Citadel’s access to a myriad of data center and IT strategic partnerships around the world continues to enable us to assist enterprises in finding the best solutions, locations, and prices for their connectivity and data center needs. We are delighted to help this new customer in scoping, contracting, and delivering their networking solution,” says Citadel’s Shawn Panchacharam.

The customer selected Citadel from among a number of different options due to Citadel’s agile team, unique ability to work across strategic partnerships, and their commitment to delivering the lowest-available prices. In addition, the customer highlighted Citadel’s leadership team as another key reason for their selection, citing that they average over 20 years of experience in the data center, communications, and technology sectors.

About Citadel Data Centers

Citadel’s industry experts leverage their deep experience and extensive global partnerships to uncover the best data center options, locations, and prices for its customers. Citadel helps companies develop and implement data center solutions from start to finish. From developing requirements, to sourcing providers, and then providing an apples-to-apples comparison of options with the lowest-possible prices – so customers can easily analyze and select the best data center provider option for their needs.

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