Citadel’s global data center strategic partnerships ensures you’ll receive the right data center option and custom guidance to efficiently maneuver through different providers (known and unknown) and options to get the correct levels of service and support – today and in the future.

Citadel’s data center strategic partnerships enable you to save time by allowing Citadel to do the work of talking to dozens of sales reps, compiling pricing and options and then presenting the best solution for your needs, timing, and budget.

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Many Options and Variables Can Result in Inaccurate Comparisons

There is a wide range of variables that need to analyzed when examining solutions between data centers including: staffing experience, power redundancy, cooling redundancy, connectivity options, power density and age of the facility. Often there can be up to a 200% price variation between data center options that are otherwise equivalent.

Selecting a data center or colocation services provider is a big business decision. After all, you’ll be housing your mission-critical infrastructure within someone else’s facility.

Before you make such a decision, contact Citadel to fully understand your options to get the best price, location, and service solution.

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